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Welcome To Fractal Profile Wealth Management

A Fiduciary Retirement and Planning Firm


Worry Free Retirement

Put your retirement money to work harder and smarter without exposure to risks

Resources and Expertise

We help people become engaged and knowledgeable by defining priorities and recommending solutions tailored to their unique needs.

A Sound Financial Plan

The key to reducing the level of uncertainty when it comes to achieving your goals is a concrete plan.


Who can you trust to give you unbiased investment advice? Registered investment advisors are legally obligated to place your interests first. They are fiduciaries. That means they must not only be loyal to serving your exclusive best interests, they must also adhere to a high standard of professional competence.


We’ve run the numbers and for most clients under the age of 60, paying taxes on your current income while letting your money grow tax free and come out of a wealth building tool tax free in retirement will be much better than simply income tax deferring money the traditional way through a 401(k) or other tax deferred qualified plan.


Planning for retirement is challenging. There is so much to consider and so many unknowns. We suffer from “information overload” when it comes to retirement planning. We provide you with the tools you need to make informed decisions about your financial future.

Mr. Unschuld has been involved in the financial services industry for 30 years. After receiving his JD from Emory University, he began his career with Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company. After joining BLU Benefits Group in 1989, he earned the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist designation from Wharton School of Business.

In 1995, he was named President of BLU, and remained so until BLU was acquired by Century Business Services in 1999. Hunter then accepted a position as Vice President with CBIZ. He became a FINRA Arbitrator in 2011, and completed the 24 exam Certified Wealth Preservation Planner program in 2012.

After establishing the Fellowship of Fiduciary Education in 2014, Hunter founded The American Society of Fiduciary Education (TASOFED) in 2016. Both are built on the core beliefs and values that continue to drive and inspire Mr. Unschuld today. The goal is to provide consumers, investors and retirees across the country with the finest comprehensive financial education courses possible.

Mr. Unschuld holds a Series 65 license, is an Investment Adviser Representative with Royal Fund Management, LLC and is a licensed insurance agent in New Mexico and Illinois. He is a Fiduciary Advisor providing fee only investment planning services.